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The Tedco gyroscope, a scientific toy

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    The gyroscopic "scientific toy" that demonstrates the effects of centrifugal force.



    All technology that needs a reference direction for motion, stability or navigation needs to use a gyroscope of some kind. Devices like drones, virtual reality headsets, video game controllers, rockets and smartphones use gyroscopes to measure their angular velocity, so they can tell which way they are facing and turning.



    This kind of gyroscope, the rotary gyroscope, would be embedded inside of a device, and works by spinning a disk around an axis to create a strong centrifugal force around that axis. The resulting rotational momentum makes the axis tend to stay in whatever position it was in when it started spinning, and that direction can then be used as a reference point to measure the angle of the device that the gyroscope is embedded in, allowing the device to know what direction it is turned in, relative to the direction of the gyro. For instance, this allows you smartphone to tell if it is being flipped over, rotated, or even shaken, and it can allow for precise gestural movements in game or virtual reality controllers.



    To demonstrate, feed the string into the hole in the gyroscope's axis and wind it tightly around the axis. Grip the gyroscope by its outer cage only, and pull the string out quickly to get it spinning. While still holding the cage, you should be able to feel the strong centrifugal force of the gyro - the stronger you pulled the string, the stronger your centrifugal force will be.



    Test out the gyroscope by balancing it on the included acryclic balancing stand, or with a partner, try balancing the gyroscope on a tightrope or the included winding string.



    Product dimensions: 3 5⁄8 in x 2 3⁄4 in x 2 3⁄4 in
    Made in: Hagerstown, Indiana, USA
    Packaging: Vintage design gift box
    Recommended age: 8+
    Includes: Instruction booklet, winding string and acrylic balancing stand
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