Premium Herbal Smoking Blend

  • A non-tobacco, no-nicotine blend of organic red clover, damiana, marshmallow leaf and red rose petals,. Has a smooth tobacco-like, "bready" flavor with a hint of red rose scent.



    Moisture: Dry to Medium
    Cut: Medium to Thick
    Strength: Smooth
    Flavor Strength: Full
  • 1. Please indicate above in the "special mixing or bagging instructions" if you'd like to blend two or more tobaccos from your cart.


    2. Please note that we cannot honor orders for less than 1 ounce for bag, and orders for less than 1 ounce per bag will be refunded.


    3. Discounts on 8 oz, and 1 lb sizes only apply if the tobacco is bagged in minimum amounts. To get 8 oz and 1 lb discounts, the tobacco must be in at least 4 oz bags. But if you'd need some empty 1 oz or 8 oz bags for dividing up the tobacco, just let us know under "Bagging & Mixing Instructions" and we'll include some at no cost. 

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