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Miniature Magnetic Travel Chess set, 5 inch by 5 inch


    A miniature chess set, priced - and designed - to move.





    This tiny chessboard folds up to hold all its pieces in its inner compartment, ready to play whenever, and at 2.5 inches by 5 inches by less than half an inch folded, it's easy to carry in a pocket, backpack or glove compartment.





    Magnets make sure the game won't get interrupted by bumps or jostles, and make up for the lack of weighting, giving the pieces a satisfying "thunk" when placing.





    Each piece is also designed with exaggerated features, which makes these small men easy to distinguish at a distance.





    Product dimensions: 5x5x⅜ in
    Made in: China
    Made of: Plastic & Steel
    King height: 1"
    Weight: Unweighted
    Magnetic: Yes
    Colors: White & Black
    Total set weight: 1oz
    King base diameter: 7/16"
    Pawn height: ½"
    Pawn base diameter: ⅜"
    2 Spare Queens for pawn promotion: No
    Board size (without border): 4¾" x 4¾"
    Square size: ½"
    Board weight: 1.1 oz
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