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Iridescent wrapped Italian folding backgammon briefcase, in gray


    If you're in the market for a backgammon play set, beautifully designed furniture piece, or a timeless family heirloom.



    A beautifully designed display piece, featuring solid wood construction and wrapped in color shifting, shimmering iridescent thread. A repeating crown design is stitched into the entire wrap of fabric, which dissapears and re-appears when the light hits the surface of the playing field. The dice are made of ivory-colored acrylic with gold lettering for the cube; the pieces are made of acrylic with metallic streaks to complement the glimmer of the fabric. Tilt your head or move the board to see the light flow through the checkers and turn the board from pale gray to a medium blue-gray.



    A collectible heirloom, designed to last through a lifetime of play. Over 1/4 inch thick at its thinnest and almost an inch at its thickest, and weighs just over 8 pounds. Two latching, nickel-plated clasps keep the set closed in travel and nickel-plated corner protectors protect the piece from bumping and scratching.



    A backgammon play set designed for ease of play. Smooth fabric wrap provides a low-friction playing surface for sliding checkers across, with just enough stopping power to keep pieces safe from errant bumps. Leatherette points are similarly smooth and easy to scale with sliding checkers. Heavy 23 gram checkers have concave bottoms for even less friction, meaning only the edges of the checkers touch the play field, for easy sliding. And for ease of setup, checkers are of the perfect size to automatically center on points when pressed into the corners of the playing field, meaning that only the eighth point has to be arranged manually for each player. Set comes with 30 acrylic checkers, two fabric-wrapped dice cups, four dice and doubling cube.



    Product dimensions: 21.5x15×3 (folded), 29.75 x 15 x 1.5 inch
    Made in: Carbonera, Italy
    Set weight: 8 lb 3 oz
    Case material: Fabric-wrapped wood
    Field color: White
    Point Colors: Red and dark gray
    Checker diameter: 1 3⁄4 inch
    Checker height: 1⁄4 inch
    Checker weight: 0.8 oz
    Checker colors: Red and dark gray
    Checker material: Acrylic
    Magnetic: No
    Includes: Fabric wrapped board, 30 acrylic backgammon chips, 4 dice, 1 doubling cube, 2 fabric wrapped shaker cups
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