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Gouda Clay Pipes - "Gouwenaar" Churchwarden

Gouda Clay Pipes - "Gouwenaar" Churchwarden


    16 1/2 inches of clay in the old Dutch style, the "Goedewaagen" makes an impressive visual impact without breaking the bank. The bottom of the bowl features a small foot for holding, and a brown varnished stem keeps the porous clay from sticking to the lips.


    - Be careful with clay pipes! Clay pipes are more fragile than any other type or pipe and need to be handled with care. We recommend holding the pipe by the foot for the most stability, and we recommend never clenching this pipe between your teeth.


    - Clay smokes hot! Hold the pipe by the foot that juts out of the bowl, or from the stem, to avoid burning your fingers on the bowl.


    - Clay has no break in, and is ready to smoke o