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Deluxe Maple Mancala with Natural Stones

  • A natural, durable Mancala board, one of the oldest surviving games and possibly dating back as far as 5,700 BC. This model is built to last for generations, made of sturdy Maple wood and designed to last for years with minimal care.


    How To Play:


    Setting Up:


    Begin by placing four stones in each of the 12 circular spaces on the board. Leave the larger ovals, called the 'Stores,' empty.

    Feel free to use more or less stones per square; less stones makes for an easier and faster game, while more stones add a challenge for experienced players.




    Roll a die; the player with the higher number goes first.

    The first player selects one of the 6 circles on their side of the board, picks up all the stones in that space, and then drops one stone into each space counterclockwise, including their own Store, until all the stones from the chosen circle are played.

    Next, it's the other player's turn to do the same, using the stones on their side of the board and playing counterclockwise.

    Note: If there are enough stones to reach the other player's Store during your turn, skip that space and continue playing with your own circles.

    If your last stone lands in your Store, you earn an extra turn.

    If your last stone lands in an empty circle on your side, move that stone and any stones directly across from your empty space (on your opponent's side) into your Store.

    The game concludes when one of the players has no more stones left in their six circles. The remaining stones on the board are moved to the other player's Store.




    The winner is determined by counting the number of stones in each player's Store, and the player with the most stones in their Store is the winner.



    Product Dimension (without packaging): 18 in x 7 in x 1 in
    Product Dimension (with packaging): 18 in x 7 in x 1 in
    Made in: Middlebury, Vermont, USA
    Material: Smoky maple wood with walnut oil finish, with natural rainbow Montana stones
    Recommended Age: 6+
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