Missouri Meerschaum Mark Twain - Corncob Dublin

Missouri Meerschaum Mark Twain - Corncob Dublin

Stem style:

    A tapered Dublin, available with a bent or straight stem. The Mark Twain is smoothed with Plaster-of-Paris and finished with a clear lacquer for a polished look. The Mark Twain also has a hardwood insert at the bottom of the bowl that makes it a bit cooler to hold, and protects the bottom of the pipe from burnout. 


    While corncobs aren't meant to last a lifetime like briar pipes, Missouri Meerschaums have been known to last and smoke great for upwards of twenty years. Smoke the pipe slowly and take care not to burn the walls when lighting and you'll have a great pipe for a long time.


    Made by Missouri Meerschaum in Washington, MO.

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