Update: As of March 30th, the Massachusetts non-essential business lockdown has been extended through Sunday, May 3rd.


          We've temporarily closed our shop in Cambridge, MA, and we will not be doing business in person until the end of the Massachusetts shelter-in-place order on Monday, May 4th. Our online store will stay open with reduced hours, shipping out orders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until we can reopen on Monday, May 4th. We'll post any updates to this page, our Facebook page,  our Yelp page and our Google page if anything changes, so look there for the most recent information.

         We encourage you all to be as safe as possible, to be as isolated as possible and to spend this time with friends and family if you can or just by yourself if you have to. We all know someone who can't afford to contract this disease, so it will be up to all of us to make sure they don't get exposed.


         Due to recent UPS policy changes, all shipments made through UPS that contain tobacco will require an adult (aged 21 or older) signature at delivery, specifically from the person to whom the shipment is addressed, with a valid government-issued ID displaying the addressee's photo and their date of birth or age. Along with age verification requirements, UPS has added a surcharge of $6.35 to the cost of all shipments that contain tobacco. We have adjusted our shipping prices accordingly - our shipping costs are now as follows:

For orders that cost $24.99 or less (before tax): $19.30

For orders that cost between $24.99 and $49.99 (before tax): $21.30

For orders that cost $50.00 or more (before tax): $22.30

         If your shipment does not include tobacco, your price at checkout will still show the above shipping costs above, but you can expect a significant reduction in your shipping cost once we actually charge your order. Unless there is a significant UPS surcharge (usually a rural area delivery fee) customers who are not ordering tobacco will pay $6.35 less for shipping once their payment is charged and will not need to sign or show ID.

         We apologize for the inconvenience AND added cost, and we encourage you to contact us or add a note to your order if you would need a package to be shipped out at a certain time to reach you whenever it's most convenient for you to receive it - a most recent map of UPS shipping times from the Leavitt & Peirce shop in Cambridge, MA can be found on our shipping page here.