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       Unfortunately, because of perceived unfair business practices that put our shop's business in jeopardy, we have no other recourse than to boycott Mastercard. We do not want our loyal customers to be "collateral damage" because of this drastic measure. We will work with you to find a way to keep doing business with you while boycotting Mastercard. After 139 years in business, we will not let a giant like Mastercard bully us into extinction.

       I would appreciate your understanding in this matter, and do appreciate your business, which I hope will continue. My excellent staff is at your disposal.       


       Paul J. Macdonald, owner.
P.S. Any customer that takes the time to lodge a complaint with Mastercard will be greatly appreciated.

          Leavitt  & Peirce can now offer USPS shipping on all packages that contain NO cigarette tobaccos, chewing tobaccos or snuff (shipments of cigarettes, small filtered cigars, cigarette tobaccos and smokeless tobaccos are still banned by the USPS).

          We are  still working on getting USPS shipping options up on our website, but in the meantime you can indicate  t us that you'd like to ship via USPS in your "shopping cart" under "Add note to seller".

         Please note that your "shopping cart" will still say you are shipping (and paying!) for UPS service - we don't have any way to change this yet but we will correct your cost and charge you the right amount before your package ships. If you have any concerns about the cost please also indicate that you'd like to know the real cost first under "Add note to seller" in your shopping cart - we will not charge you or ship your order before we've contacted you and gotten your OK for the shipping cost.

          USPS shipping can cost from $3.49 for very light packages to upwards of  $100 for packages over 10 lbs, so for small packages USPS is usually the best carrier option but we recommend UPS for shipments over around 4 lb.

          USPS shipments do not require a signature to be accepted, and USPS packages are only insured for up to $50 by default, but let us know in your "shopping cart" under "Add note to seller" if you'd like to buy full coverage for about $3-5 more dollars.

          Below are USPS Priority shipping times (in weekdays and Saturdays) from Leavitt & Peirce. Dark blue is 1 day shipping, blue is 2 day shipping, and light blue takes 3 days. Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are also available with 3 day shipping. USPS shipping is only available for shipments without cigarette tobacco, chewing tobacco or snuff. 

         As of today, Monday June 8th, Leavitt & Peirce will be open for business under our new reduced hours:
         Weekdays - 11 AM - 5 PM, and
         Weekends - 12 PM - 6 PM,

         We do have to ask that everyone (5 and older and able to do so) wear a mask inside the store, and we can only have a maximum of 10 customers in the store at a time. And if you feel sick, please don't come in the store, we will have marked waiting areas outside where you can call us or signal us from outside and we'll come out to you. And then get home and take care of yourself!

           As of June 1st, 2020, it is illegal for anyone to sell any tobacco products (including pipe tobaccos) with any added flavor (including menthol) to anyone in Massachusetts.

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