Zen Super Shooter Electric Cigarette Injector

Zen Super Shooter Electric Cigarette Injector

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    A cigarette injector with a hopper and electric motor to take 2 / 3 of the work out of injecting - just pack the trough and push the lever to pack a king - or 100 - size tube quickly.


    The hopper is an improvement over other injector designs that only have a shallow tray to hold your tobacco, and can hold about 3 ounces (100 king size cigarettes) of tobacco fully filled, which keeps you from having to pull from your tobacco bag repeatedly. You'll still have to pack the trough with tobacco manually, attach the tube, then pull down the silver lever to activate the motor and inject the tobacco into the tube.


    Since the injector uses the same motion for both 100 and king-size cigarettes, filling the trough all the way to the right for king-size will leave a bit of tobacco hanging out of the cigarette, so pack less tightly for king-size tubes. For both sizes of tubes, we recommend filling more tobacco towards the left end of the trough to avoid air gaps between the filter and tobacco.


    We also recommend using injectors with only medium to low moisture tobaccos, as very moist tobaccos can gum the machine and make injecting difficult, but most tobacco can be dried out by leaving it in the open air for just 15 - 20 minutes.