Stein of Collected Works of Albrecht Dürer

  • A solid pewter stein depicting four prints by the German Rennaissance artist Albrecht Durer.


    The first panel from the right of the handle shows "Ritter und Landsknecht" or "Rider and Mercenary", depicting a knight, his dog, and a local German mercenary running along a path. The next panel shows "Tanzendes Bauernpaar", or "Dancing Farmer Couple". Next is one of Dürer's most famous works, "Ritter, Tod und Teuful" or "Rider, Death and the Devil". The last panel shows "Liebeshandel". or "Love Affair", a picture of two lovers in a field. Above this panel is a circle with an illustrated version of Dürer's family crest, while the other three panels show 3 of Dürer's self-portraits - one at 29, one at 26, and one at only 13. Above each circle is Dürer's strange, glyph-like signature, and the panels are framed with cathedral architecture and spires. At the top of the lid is a figure of Dürer himself, with a heavy cloak and parchment.


    This stein stands 9" tall and 6 + 1/4" wide at the handle, with a 4 + 3/8" diameter base. Holds 23 fluid ounces (680 millileters).

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