Tiger's Blood - Leavitt & Peirce White Label

Tiger's Blood - Leavitt & Peirce White Label

Nicotine Strength

    Ecigarette liquid made in Vape Wild in Addison, Texas and bottled by us in Cambridge, MA. Our White Label is made with a 30% Propylene Glycol, 70% Vegetable Glycerine mix, so it's a little bit on the thick side but avoids the "chemical" taste that comes with too much PG and not enough flavoring.


    100% vegan Tiger's Blood. It's not as violent as it sounds. Tiger's Blood has been a popular snowcone flavor in the southern U.S. a while now. Tiger's Blood is a very smart mix of mostly watermelon, strawberry and a good bit of coconut. The coconut really takes the flavor from being just a generic candy flavor and gives it an interesting rounded edge. The way Vape Wild makes it is also with a bit of sweet vanilla, which also helps to round the flavor out.




    Leavitt & Peirce reserves the right to verify your age before we fill your order for any e-cigarette or tobacco product. If we need to check your age, we will contact you before fulfilling your order, and you will not be charged until your age is verified.


    Flavored e-cigarette products cannot be sold to consumers in Massachusetts. If your shipping address is in Massachusetts, we apologize but we will have to refuse your order.

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