Mikromatic Cigarette Tube Injector


    Stainless steel king-size cigarette injector built to last by Top-o-matic.


    The Mikromatic operates with a swinging handle motion for very fast and easy injecting, and is sturdy enough that you shouldn't need to use its one year limited warranty.


    Injector machines are recommended for use with medium to low moisture tobaccos. Very moist tobaccos can gum the machine and make injecting difficult.


    Open the trough by swinging the arm fully to the right and fill the trough evenly and firmly with tobacco. Make sure to pack both corners of the trough fully for a sturdy cigarette. For quicker injecting, pile tobacco on top of the machine and slide it into the trough for each cigarette.


    Place an empty tube over the metal tip at the end of the trough, on the left side of the machine. Hold the Mikromatic by the metal knob with one hand while swinging the injector arm to the left with the other to pop out a perfect cigarette.


    Click here for a video tutorial by Youtube user Trailer

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