Gizeh Metal Rolling Machine


    Stainless steel cigarette roller for 70 mm (single-wide) papers.


    Works best for unfiltered cigarettes or with 8 mm filters, but it can accomodate a smaller filter with less tobacco.


    Open the rolling machine's lid and put your tobacco into the trough. Put a filter at one end of the trough if you'd like to use one. Be sure to fill both corners of the trough firmly to get a sturdy cigarette.


    Close the lid and roll the belt with your thumbs. This should roll the tobacco into a comfortably tight cylinder. If the belt is hard to turn there is too much tobacco in the trough, and if the belt is loose there is too little tobacco, so add a bit more.


    Keeping the machine closed, start to slip a rolling paper into the trough in the space between the tobacco and the belt. The gum strip should be at the top of the paper and facing towards the tobacco and trough. Roll the belt so that the paper is pulled into the trough, under the tobacco, with the gum facing the inside of the cigarette. Before the gum strip is rolled into the machine, lick it, and then continue rolling the belt until the paper is wrapped completely around the tobacco.


    Give the belt a few more turns, then open the machine. A perfectly rolled cigarette should pop out, ready to go.


    Click here for a video tutorial by Gizeh


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