Eonsmoke Pods

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    Eonsmoke pods by Eonsmoke in Clifton, NJ.


    Eonsmoke are the best "Juul-alike" pods we've been able to find - except, of course, at a bit of a better value. Eonsmoke pods hold 1 ml of liquid each to Juul's .7 ml, and come at a better price. Do be aware, though, that Eonsmoke's liquid is a bit thinner, so while the pods do make more vapor than Juuls the pod itself only lasts a bit longer.


    Mango: As similar to Juul Mango as they can get but a bit lighter; a smooth mango that's almost like drinking fresh juice.

    Pineapple: Your standard candy pineapple, like a white gummy bear but a bit lighter.

    Pink Lemonade: Very authentic pink lemonade with a flavor like the brand Country Time.

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