Caswell Massey "Heritage"  No. 6 bar soap, 5.8oz

Caswell Massey "Heritage" No. 6 bar soap, 5.8oz

  • Caswell Massey's triple-milled glycerine soap in "Number 6". The scent of Number 6 is mostly bergamot, clove, and lavender, like a complex spiced citrus. Number 6 was designed in 1772, and was George Washington's regular scent.



    Triple-milling refers to the manufacturing process of pressing soap to remove water and air, making the bar harder and longer-lasting, and producing a dense lather. As Caswell-Massey says, their soaps "don't float" because they contain much less water and air than other soaps.  



    1 bar of Caswell-Massey is designed to last about 1 month worth of showers. Caswell-Massey's soaps are also designed to leave a lasting scent on your body, less than a cologne but more than other soaps.



    Caswell Massey soaps are all made in the USA, contain no parabens, sulfates, or phtalates, and are not tested on animals.



    Each bar weighs 164 g (5.8 oz).