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Annheuser Busch giant Clydesdale Stein

Annheuser Busch giant Clydesdale Stein

$250.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
  • An 11-inch tall hand-painted ceramic stein of a Budweiser Clydesdale in parade dress. Made in Germany. This stein is of a limited edition of 2,500.


    The Budweiser Clydesdales were purchased by the company in 1933 with the repeal of Prohibition, and pulled the Budweiser beer wagon to deliver cases of beer to the White House and notable Prohibition opponents. The massive example here depicts a typical Clydesdale in a black leather harness with gold chains and red and white ribbon. Along the handle of the stein are green hops and hop leaves, and white grain grows from the center of the Anheuser logo. 


    This stein stands 11" tall and 7 + 1/2" wide at the handle, with a 5 + 3/8" diameter base. Holds 25 fluid ounces (737 millileters).

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