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       Leavitt & Peirce is founded in 1883 by partners Fred Leavitt and Waldo Peirce. Across the street from Harvard's campus, it soon becomes a gathering place where students could socialize, sample tobaccos, and avoid school responsibilities. The store is quite "clubby" in its early days, and some reports say that freshmen were banned. With its smoky atmosphere and set of billiards tables in the back, it is perceived by many (Puritans!) as a "den of iniquity".

        Fast forward to the present: Leavitt & Peirce is still a gathering place of sorts, but it is quite a different mix. Professors mingle with street musicians; writers and poets rub elbows with rowers, and all can enjoy (age-appriopriately) the benefits of a sweet-smoking pipe, a rich plug or twist, or a full-bodied robusto. Welcome to the world of L & P!

Mr. Leavitt

Mr. Peirce

Read "75 Years of L&P"; Essays on Leavitt & Peirce by the Harvard alums of 1958

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